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Mudras for Self Healing & Spiritual Awakening



In Yoga, hands are used to circulate life force energy in a specific manner for an intended result. Positioning of hands intended to direct energy flow and to connect parts of the body to the brain is known as a Mudra.

Hand Mudras are very useful for our physical & mental health conditions & overall energy level.

Five fingers of our hands represent five elements that makes our body.

  • Thumb – Fire
  • Index finger – Air
  • Middle finger – Space/Aakash /Ether
  • Ring finger – Earth
  • Little finger – Water

When these elements are not in balance, our immune system do not function properly and thus our body becomes prone to illness. Hand Mudras help us balance these five elements in our body.

By pressing together, curling, touching or pointing different fingers or parts of the hands in different ways, you can direct the energy flow towards intended direction.

In this eBook, we have given 10 Hand Mudras that may be helpful to you. Hope, this booklet will help you to discover more about yourself.

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