Love n Light
Love n Light

Silence, Awareness and Gratitude

Gratitude is a spontaneous response to the events full of wonders. When in gratitude, one feels whole and complete within and without. There is no desire to be or have something else or to change anything. Everything looks to be an act of divine wisdom. A total acceptance of all that IS.

There can be two ways of living:

  1. Full of complaints
  2. Full of gratitude.

It depends on how we see our life and events happening around us. Complaints arise from dissatisfaction about something due to our likes and dislikes or due to our unfulfilled desires.

On the other hand, appreciation happens when we see that what we have, is all that is needed at the moment. We feel grateful for all that we have.

Awareness is the key

The awareness of all that is, makes us feel grateful. An active but peaceful mind helps us to be aware of everything that is, and all that is happening. To see a complete picture of our life, we need to expand our awareness. In awareness, we see our very existence, our aliveness. We feel the flow of life, that connects us to other living as well as non-living things. With our growing awareness,  we feel more and more grateful for the life we have been gifted with.

Importance of Silence

The incessant flow of thoughts in our mind blocks our capability to see the entire picture of our life and events around it. Awareness is always there but due to the blockages created by the thoughts, we are unable to see the reality. Observing silence helps us to quieten the mind. To achieve this state of mind, we need to still our body and watch our thoughts as a detached observer. We are aware of our thoughts without being affected by them. Gradually their density is decreased and after some time our mind becomes peaceful. From here our awareness starts expanding and throwing light on everything within and around us. Ah! what a great moment it is. Suddenly this world becomes so wonderful that we couldn’t stop appreciating it. All the glory of life is revealed.

How to prepare yourself

As we know that awareness is all that is needed. For this, we only need to be free from our thoughts. So here is a list of things we can do in our daily life.

  • Be aware of your Breath
  • Watch your actions without any analysis
  • Talk less, listen more
  • Remain silent whenever you can
  • Be sensitive, feel the inter-connectedness among all
  • Try to be non-judgemental as far as possible
  • Avoid reactions in as many situations as you can. Find a way to respond in a better way
  • Be flexible. Try to accept others’ points of view
  • Be free from your beliefs, knowledge and experiences

Thus, we see that the Silence brings Awareness into our life and Awareness enlightens us. We all are already whole and complete. To realize our true nature, we simply need to remove the veil of ignorance by observation. Our existence is full of wonders. Let us see it’s beauty and be grateful to all that simply IS.