Love n Light
Love n Light

Protect yourself from Negative Thoughts & Emotions

You should avoid absorbing people’s negative thoughts and emotions . Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra is the main point of entry for emotional and mental energies. Solar Plexus is located above your naval centre in your subtle energy body .

  1. When you are in a meeting or crowd where negative energies are moving about, you can protect your solar plexus as given below.
    • Visualize a golden disc of light covering your solar plexus.
    • Put the disc as soon as you enter emotional atmosphere or when any negative thoughts are being expressed in your presence.
  2. When you are feeling in an emotional state yourself
    • Put the Solar disc over solar plexus.
    • You should vent out the energy you are generating via your throat by blowing or singing.
    • Continue doing till you feel the pressure of emotional energy is released.