Love n Light
Love n Light

Contact your Body

Being in contact with the body means a deep sensitivity.

We feel our body only when it is ill. For example, when their is pain in our leg, we become aware of leg. If everything is okay, we remain completely unaware. But this is the moment when contact can be made with the body.

When there is pain in the leg, the contact is made with the ‘pain’ and not the ‘leg’. Contact with the leg is only possible when it is filled with well-being.

Try to make contact when everything is in good shape.


  • When you wake up in the morning, still lying in your bed, stretch your whole body .
  • After stretching just touch your own body with deep love and compassion. Begin from legs and then move upwards up to the head.
  • Just go on surrounding each and every part of your body with total love and affection, continue doing it as long as you feel comfortable.
  • In the mean time, you can also say loving words to your body like ‘I love you my leg’, ‘I thank you’ etc.
  • Try to sense and listen to the body, it goes on saying many things, but we never pay attention to them.
  • Be more sensitive and after few days you will start feeling what actually is happening there.

I practice this every morning and have amazing experience.

Why prefer morning?

When we wake up, we are naturally is in the alpha state of mind and we can sense our body easily.