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How to de-clutter mind

Are you feeling stressed, having headache or energy drained?

There are four types of clutters

  1. Physical Clutter

    This constitutes piles of unused things like toys, CDs, books etc

  2. Paper Clutter

    This is piles of papers to be filed, newspapers, magazines etc.

  3. Virtual Clutter

    Just because it is not taking up physical space that does not mean that it is not a clutter. For example email messages, unwanted computer documents.

  4. Mental Clutter

    Any time you are feeling stressed, worrying, complaining at someone and it is consuming your time etc then you are experiencing mental clutter.

All these clutters are harmful as they suck your energy and drain you.

De-cluttering mind

First you have to identify what is happening due to a cluttered mind.
Are you feeling stressed, having headache or energy drained?

Here are few ways to deal it:

  • Take shower with salt water and visualize that the water is refreshing you.
  • Chant the following affirmation with legs dipped in salt water.

    With DIVINE MAGIC I am calm and at peace.

  • Sit comfortably & relax yourself. Focus on all the things that are disturbing you.
    Write them on paper and give Reiki healing to that piece of paper with an intention that it is going to be released and you are completely free from it.
    With this feeling burn that paper in fire with gratitude that this part is over and you are free now.
    Reiki -2 practitioners can use symbols also.
  • If feeling energy drained, then start folding and opening your fist as fast as you can.
    First begin with one hand followed by the other. Then do with both hands together and do it as fast as you can.
  • Give auto suggestions to your whole body to relax.
    For this – Firstly do some exercise or dance or play whatever you feel like to do.
    When you are tired just lie down. Relax your body. Take few deep breaths and start giving suggestions to your whole body to relax. Begin from your toes and slowly move ahead. Till the time you reach your head you would have entered a deep state of relaxation.
  • Sit comfortably in relax posture invoke Reiki energy for healing you from negative energies.
    Keep one bowl with salt water near you now draw Mental emotional symbol followed by power symbol on your whole body while doing this breath in Reiki energy of love filling your body & breath out all the unwanted negative energies into the salt water bowl.
    Do this as long you find yourself comfortable doing it.
  • Write affirmation on a piece of paper to clear your space give Reiki healing to it, t
    Stick that affirmation on the blade of a fan ,so whenever you turn on the fan the Reiki energy with affirmation will be circulated in the whole area.
  • Sit comfortably and relax yourself. Now take one deflated balloon.
    Breath out all the negative energy slowly slowly into that balloon. When the balloon is filled and it cannot hold more air, take this balloon into the open space and blow that balloon into space with an intention that all negative energies are released with it from you.
    After doing this take Reiki shower.
  • Chant affirmations, mantras etc. or burn incense sticks, camphor. Use aroma candles or smudge the area with herbs like sage, rosemary or perform havan.