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Love n Light

Spiritual Healing is an adventurous journey into the Unknown

For the past one decade, we have been providing spiritual healing services to those who ask for. It is always surprising to witness that each healing session happens in its own unique way. We never know what will happen during and after the session. The only intention we have for all healing sessions is to bring about peace and happiness in the person’s life.

Healing, in simple terms, is the process of restoring peace and happiness.

The beauty of spiritual healing is that it is free from any known process or technique. And hence it can’t be conceptualized. Healing simply happens when it is really needed. When I say this, people ask me, then what is the use of doing something when it happens on its own. I tell them, you need to do something because you are also a part of the healing process. You are made to do whatever is to be done by the process itself. Another question arises, What is the role of a healer then? The answer is same. Because the healing process requires the involvement of the healer.

The process of healing itself chooses you and the healer so that transformation can happen.

So, a spiritual healing is neither a science nor an art. It is simply what it is. Do not try to understand it. Do not try to limit it with the known. Let it remain the unknown.

A journey from the known to the unknown

Spiritual healing is a journey from the known to the unknown. The power of the known is very limited whereas the power of the unknown is infinite. If you want to embark on this journey, you have to jump out of your comfort zone created by knowledge, concepts and beliefs. It is an adventurous journey full of excitement and wonders.

Getting ready

There are few points to consider when you start your journey into healing.

  • Its a journey from thinking to feeling and from feeling to being.
  • Mental activities are to be kept aside when healing takes place.
  • Thoughts and feelings do not have any importance. Let them be there without paying attention to them. You can simply be aware of them.
  • Stillness, Silence, Awareness and Allowance (also called surrender) are important keys to spiritual healing.
  • There is no meaning to healing experiences. Be aware that mind will try to create and memorize certain things.
  • Stay away from stories and discussions about healing. Keep as much free space in your mind as you can.
  • Try to live intuitively.

In short, spiritual healing is a wonderful gift to all of us. We only need to allow it happen for promoting love, peace, beauty, harmony, abundance and happiness within and around us.

If you want to start your journey into self-healing, we invite you to join ourĀ White Light Healing sessions. Personal healing requests can also made for 3 days of Intensive White Light Healing sessions.