Love n Light
Love n Light

What Panch-Tattvas say

Panch-Tattvas – The five elements of nature

Prithvi: Earth | Jal: Water | Agni: Fire | Vayu: Air  | Akash: Ether

Each element of the Panch-Tattvas are meant to support us.

Prithvi: Earth

If you are feeling disconnected and lost.

If you are feeling lethargic not feeling motivated to do anything.

Confused not getting clarity in your thoughts, words and deeds.

You are indulge in a relationship where no charm is left.

This means connection with the Earth is lost.

  • Get yourself connected with earth by walking barefoot
  • Play with sand or mitti
  • Perform Mudra of earth or Prithvi Mudra
  • Balance Root Chakra
  • Wear brown or dark red clothing
  • Eat more of underground vegetables

Jal: Water

If you are feeling dry or have dry skin

Have a dry dull relation with someone

Devoid of humor or laughter in life

It suggests that the Water element needs to be balanced in life.

Connection with water is required.

  • Sit near river side, drink lots of water.
  • Include juicy fruits and vegetables.
  • Wear blue color clothing
  • Perform Mudra of water
  • Balance Ssacral chakra.

Let all these humidify you.

Agni: Fire

If you are feeling cold

You are having cold relationships with others

You are given a cold treatment wherever you go.

It suggests that the Fire element is out of balance.

  • You need to connect with the fire element
  • Utilize the energy of the Sun
  • Perform Mudra of fire
  • Balance Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • Include warm foods
  • Wear bright color clothes, like orange and yellow color
  • Take warm shower.

Let all these warm you.

Vayu: Air

If you are feeling stagnant

Having a feeling of getting stuck between anything might be a relationship.

Feeling choked not able to express yourself freely

Unable to communicate or raise your voice.

It suggests to connect with the Air element.

  • Sit under a tree or fan.
  • Let the wind blow your hair. Let it move you.
  • Perform Aakash Mudra or Pawan Mudra.
  • Balance Throat Chakra.
  • Include fruits and vegetables more in your diet.
  • Wear green, indigo color clothing.

Akash: Ether

If you are feeling disoriented or feeling lost connection with your self.

Finding your self to be more materialistic or loosing interest in life.

Not knowing what to do or living aimless life.

Fearing unknown

It means you need to get connected with the Ether element.

  • Sit under open sky and watch the sky and clouds with hands raising up.
  • Frequently do deep breathing in open.
  • Meditate with focus on Brow Chakra.
  • Perform Pranaam and Dhyan Mudra.