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I am still wondering …

At Love n Light, we never plan a scheduled workshop. Instead we respect the freedom and comfort of aspirants. Also we do not follow any particular course module or pattern of training. Yet it all goes so beautifully that at the end of every program it always amazes us that how it all happens.

The workshop for Reiki Level 1 that happened at our residence last weekend was simply amazing. Two brilliant souls, Ms Kopal Srivastava and Ms Kirti Singh were with us in this workshop. We were familiar with Kirti since long, but even though we were meeting Kopal for the very first time, we didn’t feel her stranger in any way. All of us here were so friendly that the whole atmosphere appeared to be rejoicing and celebrating.

Kopal Srivastava & Kirti Singh
During this 2 days workshop, everything was falling into it’s place spontaneously. We were listening to one another, we were sharing our experiences. we were discussing life related topics, we were having our hands on some experiments. In the gaps, we were cracking jokes and having our cups of tea and plates of lunch. We were so absorbed in the moment that we were completely unaware of time’s progression.

Amidst all these happenings, all of us were aware in the moment. We were aware of our bodies, our thoughts, our feelings and sensations. Interestingly, we were completely in the moment as I didn’t listen any past stories or any future plans from anyone. This was truly amazing.

I am still wondering what a great moment that was. I feel grateful to Kopal and Kirti for coming here.

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