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Love n Light

Miracle of Reiki Principles

Every person is unique and so is his/her life journey. In an attempt to make our life journey more comfortable, unknowingly we add unnecessary burden on ourselves. As a result, stress enters into our life and it starts giving birth to several diseases on our physical as well as non physical level.

I spent few hours with Mr. Alok Kumar Maurya, an employee of Indian Railways on September 9th & 10th. He came to my house to learn Reiki. As he has to work for long hours away from his home, he felt over stressed. Also a feeling of loneliness was haunting him. He could not eat and sleep well. He wanted to somehow overcome his stress.

Mr. Alok came to know that Reiki could be helpful in relieving his mental stress. He made up his mind and took time to join a workshop.

On the first day, he was not sure what was happening in the workshop. I could feel that his body-mind was tired and he was unable to pay attention to what was being said. Nothing much happened that day. I gave him Reiki Manual and a small card about Five Principles of Reiki. I asked him to see this card daily and reflect it into his life.

But on second day, I found that he was much more attentive. He was curious to learn. We practised some exercises, felt the aliveness of the body, and enjoyed the entire process of self healing. After the practice he was very relaxed and happy. He promised to practice the exercises daily.

I was wondering what made the second day so easy and flowing as compared to the first day. While talking to him, he told me that before coming here on second day, he saw the card and tried to see the Reiki principles in his life. He noticed that there was a feeling of anger for few seconds in the morning but it went away quickly without any unwanted expression. There were no worries too. He was much relaxed since he joined the workshop.

We never know what and how all these things happen. It is so amazing. I feel that five Reiki principles that appear so simple are very powerful if we see them in our daily life. They have the potential to change our life completely.

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