Love n Light
Love n Light

You get it when you really need it …

On September 8th, 2015, we got an opportunity to interact with a humble lady, Mrs. Arti Kushwaha at our home. Inspired and encouraged by her husband, Mr. Dileep Singh, she came here to learn Reiki Level 1. Mr. Dileep is already Reiki Level 2 practitioner. He is a very keen spiritual seeker. He also joined 10 days Vipassana Meditation last year in Mumbai.

As it happens, the most valuable things in our life come to us when we really need them and are ready to accept them . So happened with Mrs. Arti too. She was being suggested to learn Reiki since many years. But she couldn’t go for it earlier due to various reasons. It only happened when she had an inner urge to learn Reiki.

Earlier on September 6th, 2015, Mr. Dileep along with his wife Mrs. Arti came to us. Mrs. Arti told us that she feels weakness in her body and pain in both of her legs. Mr. Dileep suggested me to clean her aura. But instead of cleaning aura, I found myself giving instructions to heal herself. She was simply following the instructions. In about 10 minutes, she felt a great relief.

A couple of days later, when she came to learn Reiki, I was surprised to see her radiance. She was looking happy and energetic than earlier. There was no more pain in her legs nor any weakness in her body since that 10 minutes session. She was well prepared to move with Reiki now in her life.

We started the Reiki Level 1 class at about 12:30 pm on September 8th, 2015. During the class we were mainly focused on natural healing process, how it happens, how we can prepare for it and how we can allow it to happen through us for self and others. We tried to sense the life force by touching it and seeing it. It is always a pleasant moment when we watch the divine forces working through us.

The course concluded at about 7:30 pm. A great sense of fulfilment wrapped us. All our complaints about life was turned into gratitude. We were feeling much lighter now.

We are thankful to Mrs. Arti and Mr. Dileep to allow this beautiful moment to happen.

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